This Way Ladies Fitness & Wellness Center

~ Whole Body Vibration ~

Monthly WBV Packages

1 Session $10; Non-member $15
4 Sessions $25; Non-member $35
8 Sessions $35; Non-member $50
*12 Sessions $40; Non-member $60

*Included w/Elite Package Membership.
Up to 10 minutes per session.
When you stand on T-Zone’s oscillating vibration platform, vertical vibrations are produced with a side-alternating rocking movement, similar to walking.  This energy is safely and effectively transferred to your body, stimulating every cell - your bones and your soft tissue.

Our body reacts to this natural stimulus with an involuntary reflex muscle contraction. Depending on the speed, muscles will react up to 23 times per second (approximately 11-12 contractions and 11-12 relaxations), and as the acceleration forces increase, your body will feel as though it "weighs" more. This clever technology means you can work against a far greater influence or "load" of gravity in every movement you perform.

The result - more benefits! Unlike other fitness machines, T-Zone’s Vibration Technology is particularly unique because it may achieve results for a wide range of objectives, for all ages and body types. 

  • 8 pre-set exercise programs
  • Built-in body fat monitor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Three LED screens - displays time, speed and body fat
  • 70 speed adjustments appropriate for different fitness levels
  • Strength exercises, stretching/flexibility positions, circulation positions, and massage positions
  • Improve muscle strength
  • Tone and firm muscles
  • Build bone mass density
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase metabolism
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Decrease cellulite
  • Massage muscles
  • Help conditions such as back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, MS and other neurological disorders
  • Contraindications
Oscillating/ Pivotal used by T-zone Vibration

Oscillating vibration is the most natural vibrating movement and has the widest range of benefits. People find this type of machine most comfortable and it makes sense that muscles are activated alternately as they would be in walking. This is by far the most popular type of vibrating machine with many scientific studies to support it. Widely used by chiropractors, physiotherapists, trainers and doctors across the world, this type of vibrating machine is suitable for all ages and health levels.