This Way Ladies Fitness & Wellness Center

~ Membership ~

Check with your health insurance or employer regarding fitness perks or gym membership.

  • $45 Per Month
   Month to Month
  • $55 Per Month
   Elite Package*
  • Fitness Classes - 12 classes per month
  • Whole Body Vibration - 12 sessions per month
  • Far Infrared Sauna - 12 sessions per month
  • 10% off Facial, Massage, and Training Services
  • $125 Per Month
    Mother/ Daughter
  • Regular membership pricing for Mother
  • 50% off membership for Daughter
  • Daughter must be between 13-17 when joining and accompanied by Mother until age 16

    Corporate Membership Program
  • Call for Details
A processing fee of $59 applies to each new membership; renewals $29. If renewed within seven days of expiration date, the processing fee is waived. Membership includes daily access to the center via personal key tag, towel service, and many other amenities.
*Monthly dues based on 12 month minimum, dues paid via EFT. Includes a free key tag. An annual maintenance fee of $39 is drafted on or about January 15, prorated after January.
    Trial Membership / Out of Town Guests                        
  • $10 One Day
  • $35 One Week
  • $70 One Month

Referral Program
Earn "Ladies Bux" for referrals resulting in a new membership. Use your Ladies Bux towards services, ie. training, classes, sauna, etc. Some restrictions apply.