This Way Ladies Fitness & Wellness Center


With SGT, you can enjoy the camaraderie and affordability of a session, while also receiving the personal attention and individual programming that you get through personal training. SGT consists of groups of 3-5 and is a great way to make new friends that share your same interest...being healthy! Or get your family members and friends together and enjoy some quality time getting fit and feeling great together. No previous workout experience is needed, as all sessions will be customized so each individual completes a safe and effective workout. Make the commitment and see the results with SGT!

45 Minute Sessions




 1 for $30

   4 for $110

   8 for $200
 12 for $260

             1 for $35      

         4 for $130

          8 for $240
        12 for $320
Gather four friends to form your own group and your sessions are free!

Elite Package Membership deduct 10%.