This Way Ladies Fitness & Wellness Center

~ Boot Camp ~

Gather your friends and get fit together!
Bridal Boot Camp

Let us help you and your bridesmaids look even more fabulous than you already do now!
Boot Camp workouts are a great way to maximize your fat-burning potential and gain lean muscle mass. By performing exercises in a circuit format, your workouts target every muscle in your body and keep you moving the entire time, which helps you keep your heart rate up and burn more calories! Resistance exercises help promote the growth of lean muscle mass, which helps to tone and tighten your entire body and triggers your body to burn even more calories up to hours after your workout. With additional benefits such as improved balance, flexibility, agility, and mobility, boot camp workouts are a perfect supplement to any weight loss or sport specific training program. Minimum of four women needed for boot camps.
Boot Camp is held outdoors at Willmore Park.

45 Minute Sessions
Drop-in $25
4 for $80
8 for $120

Gather four friends to form your own group and your sessions are free!

Elite Package Membership deduct 10%.